Firmware Cable

USB-FTDI firmware upgrade cable

Model Number: USBFTDI
Release Date: January 2000

Genuine USB to FTDI (TTL-232R-5V) cable suitable for all Abstract Data firmware upgrades when used in conjunction with our Easy Uploader software and the correct cable drivers - which are available for download from the Downloads tab on this page.

Drivers are currently compatible with Apple Mac computers running OS 10.9 - 10.15 and Windows computers running Win XP or later.

Install and upgrade process is simple and step-by-step instructions are listed in the manual for the module you're looking to upgrade.  



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    Firmware Cable
    Firmware Cable
    Firmware Installers Firmware Installer (Mac: v1.2.0) [DMG] Firmware Installer (Mac: v1.1.0) [DMG] Firmware Installer (Win: v1.1.0) [MSI]

    USB-FTDI Cable Drivers FTDI Cable Driver (Mac: v2.4.4) [DMG] FTDI Cable Driver (Mac: v2.3.0) [DMG] FTDI Cable Driver (Win: v1.1.0) [MSI]