Wave Boss

CV & waveform utility

Model Number: ADE-30
Release Date: July 2013

Combines the most practical and commonly used waveform
and CV utility functions in a compact, fully-featured module.

4 independent, DC-coupled stages, 7 unique functions in total.
Works with most signals found in the Eurorack environment and
across the entire frequency range from AC audio to LFO and DC.

Complete CV spec with on-board attenuation for CV conditioning.
LED status indicators show positive and negative-going waveforms.

Power-supply protection. Shallow, skiff-friendly build.


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    Wave Boss

    1) Buy a suitable USB to FTDI (TTL-232R-5V) cable directly or from a 3rd party supplier:

    USB to FTDI (TTL-232R-5V) cable


    Also available from:

    Adafruit (US) Digikey (UK) Farnell (UK) Sparkfun (US)

    2) Follow the instructions in the manual for downloading and upgrading:

    ADE-30 Manual:(PDF)

    USB to FTDI Cable Driver:(Mac) (Win) Easy uploader Firmware Installer:(Mac) (Win)