Analog sound effects generator

Model Number: ADFX1
Release Date: September 2008

Analog sound effects generator with Frequency Modulation (FM), Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Hard Sync modulation options.

A versatile effects generator that pushed the limits of 555-based instruments even further and added multiple modulation options.

With an array of sound creation and manipulation possibilities this great instrument suited both live performance and studio work.

Small, but powerful and effective with many features that are generally only found in much larger, more complex analog synths.


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Manual & Specs

    Effects / ADFX1

    1) Buy a suitable USB to FTDI (TTL-232R-5V) cable directly or from a 3rd party supplier:

    USB to FTDI (TTL-232R-5V) cable


    Also available from:

    Adafruit (US) Digikey (UK) Farnell (UK) Sparkfun (US)

    2) Follow the instructions in the manual for downloading and upgrading:


    USB to FTDI Cable Driver:(Mac) (Win) Easy uploader Firmware Installer:(Mac) (Win)