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Abstract Data manufactures a range of electronic
musical instruments, synthesizers and effects in
Eurorack Modular and Desktop formats.

On this site, you can buy current builds, check out
product demos, download manuals, find out about
past projects and get the latest info on new designs.

You can get in contact using the mail form on this
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ADE-50 3x VCA back in stock

11 October 2021

The ADE-50 3x VCA - our beloved, discrete OTA-based VCA - is now back in stock and available to order directly from our site or from your favourite local Abstract Data dealer. Hit 'em up!

Abstract Data EU & US re-stocks

7 September 2021

Fresh batch of Abstract Data re-stocks heading out to our friends at Schneiders Laden in Berlin and Perfect Circuit in California this week. Go get 'em! ⠀

Firmware uploader updates

3 August 2021

We've updated the Mac version of our Easy Uploader firmware uploader to work with Mac OS 10.15 Catalina. The latest versions for everything firmware related can be found on the Downloads tab for applicable product pages. ADE-32 updates here.

Abstract Data in Audio Pervert Zine

5 July 2021

Way back in 2019 the always interesting (and wonderfully named!) Audio Pervert blog asked me some questions about making modules and music. Normally doesn't take me years to reply to emails - but things haven't exactly been normal! Read the interview here and check them out here.

Abstract Data UK & EU re-stocks

8 June 2021

Boxes full of boxes full of Abstract Data machines heading out to all the humans these past couple of weeks including UK re-stocks to Signal Sounds, Juno Records & Matttech Modular & EU restocks to MIDI Amsterdam & Schneidersladen. Go get 'em!

Abstract Data newsletter - May '21

5 May 2021

Latest issue of our quarterly newsletter is out now! We get deep down and drone with a new musical side-project, more product development updates, techniques for bringing feedback into your patches and we talk with the legendary Steve Davis about all things modular and more. It's right here!

Abstract Data in Drone

5 April 2021

An hour of minimal, hypnotic ambient drone, feedback and delay from Rotator as a soundtrack for travels through time and space. Recorded live on a small modular rig based around some of our favourite Abstract Data modules. Check out the debut album here. Check a full-length video here. Check the rig this was recorded on here.

Abstract Data newsletter - February '21

2 February 2021

Latest issue of the Abstract Data quarterly newsletter is out now! Site upgrades at AD HQ, new product development progress, patch ideas using controlled randomness and we talk with El Larson about modular, modulation and mindfulness. It's right here!

ADE-34 prototyping update

5 January 2021

Starting the year on the most positive note possible - we're pleased to report that we now have a fully-functioning prototype of the Logic Boss MK2 on the bench! No schedule for release yet, but development is moving forward. You can get a sneak peak of it being put through some testing on our Instagram feed here.  

Abstract Data vs Brexit

7 December 2020

Brexit may or may not be happening as at January 1st or some other date yet to be announced but Abstract Data will continue to operate as close as possible to 'business as normal' - whatever normal even is these days. We believe we are as prepared as we can be to deal with any logistical changes to supplying our friends and customers in the EU, we're not currently aware of any significant changes to doing business with the rest of the world and we're not seeing a scenario where the power shuts off - so contacting us with any questions you might have will be as easy as its always been.

Abstract Data newsletter - November '20

9 November 2020

The latest issue of the Abstract Data quarterly newsletter is out now! There's new videos, product development updates, complex modulation patch ideas and we chat with another amazing modular user in the form of Nathan Moody. Check it out here. Subscribe to it here.

ADE-60 4:4 Mix Utility 30 second intro

13 October 2020

Next up in in our series of 30 second overview videos for the Abstract Data Eurorack product line is the ADE-60 4:4 Mix Utility. 1-4 Input/Output cascading mixer with user-configurable options per channel for Gain, Attenuversion, Offset & CV Out. Check out the video on our Instagram page - and please subscribe while you're there!.

ADE-34 prototyping starts

14 September 2020

We've now officially started firmware development and hardware prototyping on the follow-up to one of our favourite releases - the Logic Boss. This is a design we've been working on in the background for a while now so it's great to finally get a start on it. Catch a glimpse of the build it, break it, fix it process on our Instagram feed here.

Abstract Data newsletter - August '20

4 August 2020

The latest issue of the Abstract Data newsletter is out now! We chat with the incredibly talented Cherif Hashizume, there's an overview of the long-awaited ADE-32 Octocontroller v2.0 firmware, a new manual for the ADE-60 4:4 Mix Utility and a run down of some of the great music we've been listening to here at ADHQ. Issue hereSubscribe here.

ADE-32 Octocontroller v2.0 Firmware

6 July 2020

v2.0 Firmware upgrade for our award-winning modulation and triggering module the ADE-32 Octocontroller is out now! Visualizer mode, uni/bipolar LFO options, output mute/lock, user-reset, editing improvements, a ton of back-end optimization, a couple of pesky bug fixes and a completely re-written manual to get you started!

Abstract Data newsletter - May '20

8 June 2020

Latest issue of the Abstract Data quarterly newsletter is out now! Our guest for this issue is recording artist, performer and label manager Ian Boddy, there's some tips for setting up a modular FX Send and we list some of the great electronic music we've been listening to recently. Check this issue here. Subscribe to future issues here.

ADE-50 3x VCA 30 second intro

4 May 2020

The latest in our new series of 30 second overview videos for the Abstract Data Eurorack product line is the ADE-50 3x VCA. Three linear VCAs, each built on a discrete OTA-core and packaged in a skiff-friendly 4HP module that combines classic analogue sound with modern spec and performance. Check the video out on our Instagram page here (and please subscribe while you're there!) and check the module out here.

ADE-33 Event Boss 30 second intro

7 April 2020

Next up in our new series of 30 second overview videos for the Abstract Data Eurorack product line - the ADE-33 Event Boss. This is our pattern and rhythm creation and manipulation module which includes algorithms for Variables, Multiples, Probability, Logic, Phase and Gates - that’s pretty much every rhythmically useful algorithm in one 6HP module. Check it out on our Instagram page here (and please subscribe while you're there) - and you’ll still have half a minute left to do other stuff!

ADE-32 Octocontroller 30 second intro

3 March 2020

We're very pleased to announce the first in a new series of 30 second overview videos for the Abstract Data Eurorack product line. This is a super-quick intro to the most important features and functionality of our flagship control and modulation module - the ADE-32 Octocontroller. Check it out on our Instagram page here and please subscribe while you're there! 

Abstract Data newsletter - February '20

3 February 2020

In this issue of the Abstract Data quarterly newsletter we're very excited to have some time with the inimitable Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner, we also catch up with some forthcoming product news and there's a handy pro-tip for adding variety to arpeggios. Check this issue here. Subscribe to future issues here.

Happy New Year!

1 January 2020

I'd like to wish all our amazing customers, dealers, suppliers and friends a happy, safe and prosperous new year. Here's looking forward to a great 2020 and beyond! Cheers: Justin @ Abstract Data

New Ian Boddy & Nigel Mullaney album

3 December 2019

Ian Boddy and Nigel Mullaney - two fantastic electronic music artists who both push the boundaries of making music with modular synths and who also happen to be two of our favourite customers - have joined forces for their "Schemes & Ruses" album on the amazing DiN label. Check it out, enjoy and support!

Abstract Data newsletter - November '19

8 November 2019

In the latest issue of the Abstract Data quarterly newsletter we chat with musician, sound designer and Abstract Data super-user Nigel Mullaney, we catch up with some ADE-32 Octocontroller news and there's a handy pro-tip for the ADE-33 Event Boss. Check this issue here. Subscribe to future issues here.

Abstract Data re-stocks

1 October 2019

We've just come through another big manufacturing push over the last few weeks with Abstract Data module re-stocks heading out to Juno Records (UK); MIDI Amsterdam & SchneidersLaden (EU); Detroit Modular, Perfect Circuit & Vintage King (US) - check your favourite dealer for stock!

Abstract Data newsletter - August '19

26 August 2019

Abstract Data quarterly newsletter is out now with a new tutorial video covering the ADE-33 Event Boss from DivKid and Future Music Magazine, new tracks from Jack Patch and an interview with Noctambulance. Check the latest issue here. Subscribe to future issues here.

Future Music ADE-33 Event Boss video

6 August 2019

Ben 'DivKid' Wilson has done a fantastic walk-through of the ADE-33 Event Boss for Future Music Magazine that covers all the Global Modes (Variables, Multiples, Probability, Logic, Phase & Gates), Interface & UI and throws in some great patch examples as well. Check it out here

ADE-33 Event Boss video from DivKid

2 July 2019

Ben 'DivKid' Wilson has been spending some time with the ADE-33 Event Boss and has put together this video giving an overview of the module running in 'Logic Mode' - hopefully as a prelude to a forthcoming Future Music Magazine video. Check it out here.

Abstract Data newsletter - May '19

13 May 2019

Abstract Data May newsletter is out now with pro-tips for the ADE-60 4:4 Mix Utility, prototype sneak previews and a chat with the man like Allert Aalders of Sonar Traffic! Check it out here. Subscribe here.

Abstract Data HQ 2019

7 May 2019

Want to take a virtual look round Abstract Data's new HQ? Well, now you can - right here! New workspace is up, running and fully operational - we even bought a plant!  

Abstract Data re-stocks

1 April 2019

We've had a major manufacturing burst over the last few weeks with Abstract Data module re-stocks heading out to Juno Records, London Modular, Rubadub & Signal Sounds (UK); SchneidersLaden (EU); Perfect Circuit & Vintage King (US) - check your favourite dealer for stock!

Abstract Data newsletter - Feb '19

4 February 2019

The first Abstract Data quarterly newsletter for 2019 is out now! ADE-33 Event Boss reviews, ADE-32 Octocontroller updates, Radek Rudnicki feature and a preview of our new design workshop, dream fortress and summer chalet. Check it out here. Subscribe here.

ADHQ relocation

1 January 2019

Thanks to everyone for your patience and support while we relocated ADHQ, our studio and our home over the last couple of months - you rule. New workspace is now up and running and all systems are go!

Abstract Data newsletter - Nov '18

12 November 2018

The latest issue of the Abstract Data quarterly newsletter is out now and includes news from Tin Shed Modular in Australia, updates from the work bench here at AD HQ, events at Local 604 in NC, USA and a profile on Psytrance and Ambient artist Kri Samadhi. Check it out here.

Tin Shed Modular joins Abstract Data

3 September 2018

We're very pleased to announce that Australia's Tin Shed Modular has joined our list of international dealers. It's great to have a local specialist store in that part of the world - please check them out.

Abstract Data at Leeds Modular Meet

1 August 2018

Abstract Data will be returning for this year's Leeds Modular Meet. This is a great meet in a great location at a great venue. As always we'll have all the latest builds and prototypes on display so come say hello!

Abstract Data at Rubadub Glasgow

23 July 2018

Abstract Data head-honcho Justin Owen will be in store at Rubadub Records in Glasgow to demo the Abstract Data product range and talk about techniques for getting big Techno out of small rigs. Event runs from 18:00 to 20:00 and there'll be drinks and snacks! More info here.

Discovering Tottenham interview

2 July 2018

We recently had local mag Discovering Tottenham round to Abstract Data HQ to talk synths, more synths and stuff closely related to synths with head-honcho Justin Owen. You can read the full interview here.

Abstract Data at Brighton Modular Meet

18 June 2018

Abstract Data will be heading down South for this year's Brighton Modular Meet. This is one of the UK's longest-running Eurorack and Synth events, it gets bigger every year and we've got a rig full of modules to demo for you - come check it out.

Abstract Data at Superbooth '18

1 May 2018

Abstract Data returns to Berlin for Superbooth '18. On demo - we'll have the brand new ADE-33 Event Boss, the forthcoming ADE-40 Shaping VCO and some other sneak previews and announcements especially for the event. We'd love to chat with as many of you as possible - so please drop by the booth and say hello.

ADE-33 Event Boss - on sale now!

22 March 2018

Abstract Data is very proud to announce the release of our debut rhythm and pattern creation and manipulation module - the ADE-33 Event Boss.
36 algorithms covering Variables, Multiples, Probability, Logic, Phase and Gates with complete CV control of all parameters - this fun, funky, and functional module can be as simple or as deep as you like.

Mylar Melodies interviews Justin Owen

1 March 2018

If you ever wondered where Abstract Data came from and why, where we're at and where we're heading - then here's a chance to find out and support a great new podcast series from Alex aka Mylar Melodies. Check out the interview with Abstract Data head honcho Justin Owen on the Mylar Melodies YouTube channel.

Abstract Data at Seventh Wave Festival

12 February 2018

Abstract Data heads to Birmingham for our first synth show of 2018. Free event as part of the highly-regarded Seventh Wave Festival featuring demos, talks and live performances. We'll have all the latest builds on display and this will be one of your first chances to see the ADE-33 Event Boss. More details here.

Abstract Data at CV Freqs

20 November 2017

Abstract Data will be demoing at the latest instalment of CV Freqs at House Of Vans in London on Saturday 25/11. You can try out the newly released ADE-50, 51 and 60 and get a sneak preview of some forthcoming prototypes.
Great event, great venue - come say hi! 

ADE-50, 51 & 60 on sale now

30 October 2017

Abstract Data is very pleased to announce the launch of three new Eurorack modules.
The ADE-50 3x VCA - all analogue OTA VCA, ADE-51 VC AHDSR/AHD - fully-featured Envelope Generator and ADE-60 4:4 Mix Utility - Mix, Attenuversion, CV and Gain module are on sale now and available to buy direct from Abstract Data and from our UK and International retailers.

Abstract Data at Synthfest '17

25 September 2017

Abstract Data returns to Sheffield for Synthfest '17. This will be your first chance to demo the new modules and preview prototypes as part of the 2017/18 product lineup. This year's event looks to be even bigger than last year - please come along, say hello and check out what we've been building!

Abstract Data is hiring

3 July 2017

Abstract Data is looking to hire an amazing Business Operations Manager to work at its HQ in London N15. The role is full-time, paid at going rates, involves some UK and overseas travel and covers most of the day-to-day business functions of manufacturing, accounting, sales and promotion, however - as this is a new position - the final role, terms and package are all negotiable for the right person. If you’re smart, reliable, hard-working and have excellent communication skills, have previous experience in project management, marketing and customer service, have a passion for music, design and technology and are looking for a varied, challenging role with a music electronics manufacturer - then, in the first instance, please contact Justin Owen via email at Abstract Data with a brief covering letter to discuss the role.

Major ADE-32 Octocontroller re-stock

31 May 2017

ADE-32 Octocontroller is now back in stock worldwide at the following retailers & distributors:
* UK: Absolute Music / Cymru Beats / Funky Junk / Juno / KMR Audio / London Modular / Matttech Modular / Signal Sounds 
* EU: Dupertuis Electronique (SWI) / Loops & Bits (SWI) / MIDI Amsterdam (NET) / Modular Square (FRA) / Schneiders Laden (GER)
* US: Analogue Haven (CA) / Control Voltage (OR) / Ctrl Mod (NY) / Detroit Modular (MI) / Perfect Circuit (CA) 
Check our Dealers list for links and contact info.

New Abstract Data workspace

30 January 2017

Very pleased to announce that Abstract Data has now moved into dedicated work/office space in Tottenham, North London. This will help the business continue to grow over the next few years. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far - we have loads planned. 

'Month of Modular' interview

1 December 2016

This month's 'Month of Modular' magazine has an interview with Abstract Data founder and chief noise-maker Justin Owen where he chats about all things Eurorack with Ben Wilson aka @DivKid. Check out the full issue online here.

MusicTech Mag 10/10 Excellence Award

21 November 2016

Abstract Data's flagship modulation and control module the ADE-32 Octocontroller has received a 10/10 Excellence Award following its review in MusicTech mag. Reviewer David Gale said "There's so much functionality, you'll love all it has to offer" Check out the full review here.

Abstract Data T-Shirts at Synthpatcher

1 November 2016

Abstract Data has teamed up with online T-Shirt printing company Synthpatcher to offer an exclusive rework of the Abstract Data skull icon in an 'Ace Of Spades' style. These are printed on high-quality Fair Wear shirts and are available in a great range of colours. Check the range out here.
...and don't forget the joker!

Abstract Data at Modular Meets Leeds '16

16 August 2016

The Abstract Data demo rig heads North again for this year's 'Modular Meets' event in Leeds. This is a great event in a great venue and all hosted by Ben DivKid Wilson. As always, there'll be some new Abstract Data prototypes on display - please do come check them out. More info here

ADE-32 Octocontroller in Music Radar

9 August 2016

A thorough test-drive of the ADE-32 Octocontroller by Ben Wilson aka DivKid from Future Music Magazine is now live on the Music Radar website. This review gives a step-by-step walk-through of the module's main functionality and is accompanied by a fantastic tutorial video on YouTube.  

Abstract Data at CV Freqs

26 July 2016

Abstract Data will be demoing at the latest instalment of CV Freqs - this time in the New River Studios in N4. More information can be found on the Facebook event page here - come and say hello.

Brighton Modular Meet '16

27 June 2016

The Abstract Data demo rig will be heading South for this year's Brighton Modular Meet at the University of Sussex on Saturday 03/07 between 10:00 and 17:00. More information can be found on the Facebook event page here - please do come and say hello.

ADE-32 Octocontroller v1.1 Firmware

19 May 2016

The first Firmware upgrade for the award-winning ADE-32 Octocontroller is now available. The upgrade offers a number of enhancements and new features and further extends the functionality of the module. This is a simple, user-upgradeable option - full instructions can be found in the updated v1.1 manual and on the product page Firmware tab.

Abstract Data in-store at KMR Audio

9 May 2016

Abstract Data will be in-store and demoing at KMR Audio in North London (N20) on Friday 13/05 from 2:00 to 8:00 pm. There will be demos from a great selection of UK Eurorack and Synth manufacturers and the complete Abstract Data product range will be on display - including the new ADE-32 Firmware and prototypes from the 2016 product range. Check the KMR site or the Facebook event page for info.

Abstract Data at Superbooth '16

21 March 2016

Abstract Data will be demoing at the debut Superbooth event at the iconic Funkhaus in Berlin, Germany. The event runs across three days from 31/03 to 02/04 and features a fantastic selection of music hardware and software companies, live performances and demos. The complete Abstract Data product range will be available to demo - including the new ADE-32 Firmware upgrade and some new prototypes from the 2016 product range.

ADE-32 wins FM 'Best Value' Award

8 February 2016

Future Music magazine have awarded the ADE-32 Octocontroller a 'Best Value' award in its 300th issue 'Gear of the Year' roundup. This follows on from last years review where the Octocontroller received a solid 9/10. They said "We all want maximum functionality for our cash, and it'd be fair to say that Abstract Data's Octocontroller offered that with bells on. It's a Swiss-army knife of modulation..."

NAMM '16 roundup

1 February 2016

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the WMD shared booth at NAMM '16 to check out Abstract Data - great to meet so many of you. There's video interviews, with previews of the 2016 product line and the forthcoming Octocontroller Firmware upgrade, from Sonic Sate, SynthtopiaAnalogue Zone and Ken 'Flux' Pierce.

Abstract Data at NAMM '16

4 January 2016

Abstract Data returns to NAMM this year as part of the WMD Shared Booth (#5000 Hall C, January 21-24 - Anaheim, CA, USA) which will be hosting some of the best Eurorack manufacturers from around the world. The entire Abstract Data product range will be on demo along with some new prototypes from the 2016 Eurorack product line - and there will also be some news for Octocontroller fans.

Sonic Sate interview - Scanner live rig

14 December 2015

The crew at Sonic State interviewed the highly-respected UK electronic musician Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner) after one of his recent live performances. His Eurorack rig makes great use of the ADE-32 Octocontroller for most of the main clocking, rhythm and modulation duties. Check the video here.

Abstract Data at Modular 101

10 December 2015

The entire Abstract Data product range will be on demonstration at this great event in conjunction with the crew from London Modular. Demos by Busy Circuits, Moog, Roland and more and presentations by Ansome, Scanner and more. Info here

Sonic State 'Best Of 2015'

7 December 2015

Another 'Best of 2015' nomination for the ADE-32 Octocontroller - this time from Sonic State. If you're an Octofan - please show Abstract Data some support and vote here.

Octocontroller in FM 'Best Of 2015'

2 December 2015

Future Music magazine has nominated the ADE-32 Octocontroller as part of its 'Best of 2015' poll. Please show your support for Abstract Data and Eurorack and give us a vote!

Abstract Data at London Modular Meet

1 December 2015

The Abstract Data demo rig will be heading SOTR for this London meet-up at Kingston College on Saturday 05/12 between 10:00 and 16:00. More information can be found on the Facebook event page here - please do come and say hello.

Future Music Octocontroller tutorial

27 October 2015

The October (#298) issue of Future Music includes a full-page tutorial from Ben 'Hex' Wilson aka DivKid on setting up and using the ADE-32 Octocontroller. The feature also includes some great video content showing a variety of ways to integrate the Octocontroller into your rig.

Abstract Data at Amsterdam Dance Event

6 October 2015

Abstract Data has been invited to take part in the debut Sound Lab programme at this year's legendary Amsterdam Dance Event which runs from the 15-17 October. The entire Abstract Data Eurorack range will be available to demo in the beautiful Compagnie Theater. You can check more information on the event page here.

Abstract Data at Budapest Music Expo

28 September 2015

Abstract Data will be making its debut at the Budapest Music Expo this year as part of the Analogue Zone shared booth. The entire Abstract Data Eurorack range will be available to demo - please do come and say hello. You can check more information on the Facebook event page here and you can read their interview with Abstract Data head-honcho Justin Owen here.

Octocontroller in London Modular Top 5

24 September 2015

London Modular Alliance and Blawan spoke to Fabric prior to their show at this legendary London club about some of their favourite modules for getting the most out of live modular performance. The Octocontroller made the Top 5 and they had this to say about it "The interface is really easy to navigate. It will change small, simple systems into small, complex systems without any fuss". Read the full article here.

Abstract Data in-store at Red Dog London

21 September 2015

Abstract Data will be doing a joint in-store at the Red Dog London pop-up in London's historic Denmark Street along with Expert Sleepers and ALM/Busy Circuits. The event starts at 3pm - more details can be found on the Facebook event page.

Octocontroller scores 9/10 in Future Music

7 September 2015

This month's issue of Future Music Magazine contains a thorough review of the ADE-32 Octocontroller and awards it a fantastic 9/10 rating. They said "When you consider how much dosh eight of the cheapest LFOs would cost you, and that this does far, far, far more than that, in less space - synchronised too, or not - it's a remarkable module"

Abstract Data in-store at London Modular

5 September 2015

Abstract Data head-honcho - Justin Owen - will be demoing the ADE-32 Octocontroller in store at London Modular on Saturday 05/09 from 12:00 to 18:00. Be great to see some of you there - more information on the Facebook event page.  

Octocontroller now on sale

27 August 2015

The Abstract Data ADE-32 Octocontroller is now on sale. Stock will be heading to Dealers over the next few weeks.

Octocontroller now in production

10 August 2015

The first run of the forthcoming ADE-32 Octocontroller Eurorack module is now in production and due for delivery to Abstract Data a couple of weeks before its launch towards the end of August 2015. Stay tuned for more news.

Abstract Data at Studio Stekker

20 July 2015

The legendary Studio Stekker returns this year as a jam and recording session for some of the artists involved in the Stekker Festival. Very excited to be part of this great event - in conjunction with Kytopia, Sonar Traffic and the team from Sonic State - Abstract Data will have a bunch of new modules in the ‘Monster Modular Pit’.

Cymru – Welsh modular meet

27 June 2015

Great to see more parts of the UK holding their own modular meets. The debut Cymru Beats meet kicks off in Cardiff with live performances from Somatic Responses and VCOADSR.

Brighton Modular Meet

30 May 2015

Abstract Data will be heading down to Brighton again this year for the annual Brighton Modular Meet. This long-running meet is a fantastic event and well worth a visit. This year promises to be the biggest and best yet with a great selection of Eurorack rigs to check out.

Abstract Data at Musikmesse 2015

14 April 2015

Abstract Data will be making its debut at Frankfurt’s Musikmesse this year with a rack full of Eurorack module prototypes. We’ll be there with a host of other great music hardware manufacturers as part of the legendary Schneiders Buero ‘Super Booth’